We complete repairs and servicing

and we sell spare parts too


Our friendly team of engineers are trained to work on all types of electric appliances.

We offer workshop repairs for smaller appliances such as vacuum cleaners and microwaves as well as being able to arrange visits to your home to repair larger items like washing machines and dishwashers. 

The team has much experience in the white goods industry and are fully equipped to handle all types of appliance faults.  

Call us on 01386 442540 or email [email protected] to make an appointment for a home visit.  

Workshop repair items can be brought into the store at an time during opening hours.  A £5 deposit is requested when leaving the item with us. 

Please note that we do not currently complete repairs to gas appliances and we are only able to look at mechanical faults (eg. door hinges/seals) on refrigeration.    


We stock a wide range of parts for all types of machines and can source parts for you at no additional cost.  Our staff have excellent knowledge when it comes to identifying and recommending spares - if you're not sure what you need, just ask! 

We carry a wide range of vacuum spares in-store from bags and belts to hoses and filters and also stock electrical accessories such as light-bulbs, batteries and fuses. 

Call us on 01386 442540 or email [email protected] for price and availability.

Please have the following information to hand when making a part inquiry: appliance type, appliance make/manufacturer and full model number.  In some instances the full serial number is also required. 


Q. My washing machine smells - what can I do?

A. Because we all wash at such low temperatures these days (around 40 degrees), we don't give our machines a thorough hot wash to clean out all of the nasties that get left behind after a wash.  If this is left to build up over time it can cause a smell or even blackening of your door seal.  An easy way to prevent this is to run your washing machine on a hot wash (atleast 90 degrees) once a month.  If you continue to do this as a general maintenance of your machine you can prevent unpleasant odours.  This process may need to be repeated several times for more stubborn smells.  We also sell washing machine cleaning solution for a more intensive treatment.  

Q. My oven just tripped the electrics and now won't heat - what's wrong?

A. The most common fault if you oven has suddenly tripped your power and now has no heat is that the element may have blown. This is most likely if every other aspect of your oven is working after you have reset the fuse board. We are able to supply oven elements so give us a call with your model number and you'll be cooking again in no time!

Q. The brush bar on my vacuum cleaner isn't going round - do I need to buy a new one?

A. Probably not. This fault could be due to several things but it is likely that the belt has snapped which is easy to replace or it may just need a good service - sometimes poor suction caused from blocked filters can stop the airflow to the cleaner head. Pop it in to the shop and we can take a look at it in our workshop. 

Please note that these are generalised problems and solutions for guidance only - we always recommend that you speak to a member of our team or book an engineer appointment before making a full diagnosis.