Abbey Appliances started life in 1995 under the original name 'John's Spares and Service Centre' - a shop that Lyn had bought after leaving her previous job in the white goods industry.  The business was fairly modest, a small shop attached to the back of Evesham's central market, and Lyn initially ran this alone selling reconditioned appliances, vacuum spares and kitchen accessories such as washing up bowls.  Lyn always remarks that she took just £65 on her first day of trading all those years ago but she was determined to progress the business in the coming years. 

Lyn's presence began to be noticed in the industry and she became known for her can-do attitude and hands-on approach to appliances.  Perhaps spurred on to prove herself in a male-dominated field, she worked hard to build a strong reputation for the business and began to concentrate on new appliances as well as widening the stock of spares in the shop. 

After a year of going it alone, Lyn welcomed Andrew to the team.  Andrew was a qualified electrician and engineer and had been trained by Miele and other manufacturers to repair appliances.  

With Andrew now part of the team the business was now able to offer a repair service for all types of appliances and this enabled Lyn and Andrew to build a strong customer base.  The shop became a go-to place for all your appliance troubles and Lyn was also now able to offer new appliances, having secured accounts with well-known manufacturers and distributors. 

In the coming years John's Spares and Service Centre went from strength to strength, employing more staff to assist with the ever-increasing demand from it's loyal customers.  More appliances were stocked (now all brand new) and the shop held a wider range of spares for all types of machine.  This progress meant that the business began to outgrow the premises in the market and it was decided in 2005 that it was time to expand and move to the current location off Evesham's High Street. It was during this move that the business name also changed from John's Spares and Service Centre to the Abbey Appliances we know today.  

Over the next few years the business continued to grow.  The sales and administration team was now four-strong and the electrical team consisted of two qualified electricians and a further engineer.  The new premises included two large showrooms housing a wide range of appliances and Lyn had secured accounts with all leading manufacturers.  Abbey Appliances had slowly become Evesham's largest independent electrical retailer. 

The knowledge of the team as a whole became one of their greatest assets.  That, tied with the high level of customer service Lyn has always insisted on, made Abbey Appliances known not only in the local community but also within the white goods industry.  

In more recent years the business has continued to grow and improve.  Lyn and Andrew were lucky to have long-serving employees such as Wendy, Sam and Keri who had all been with the company since 2004 and their combined experience in the industry made the team an unstoppable force.  

The Abbey Appliances 'family' was now well-established and it truly became a family business with the addition of Lyn's daughter Hanna in 2008 and Andrew's son Paul in 2010.

As for today, Abbey Appliances continues to be a leading independent electrical retailer and now has a team of nine staff.   Some of the faces may have changed over the years but the team spirit has always remained the same and is one of the business's true assets.  

Lyn and the team strive to provide excellent service for their customers and work hard to maintain good relationships with their suppliers and counterparts.  Their friendly approach as well as their exceptional knowledge mean that customers can be assured that they are in safe hands. 

Most recently, the business was presented with a Highly Commended award from Innovative Electrical Retailing (IER) at an awards ceremony in April 2018. 

Abbey Appliances was nominated by manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders in the Best Electrical Retailer category. To receive a nationwide accolade like this shows just how far Lyn and the team have come since 1995.